Custom Form Builder

Create a custom form for your authors in minutes. Include tracks, topics, abstracts, papers, attachments, presentation types, word counts, custom fields, special characters, formatting and more.

Authors Love the System

Author submissions are auto-saved as they go. Get email confirmation and edit submissions right up until the deadline.

Single or Multiple Tracks

Single track for small conferences. Multi-track for larger conferences with separate track chairs, deadlines, topics and reviewers.

Scalable and Flexible

Used by conferences of all sizes across all disciplines – from 50 to 5000 submissions.

Search and Filtering

Search and filter by submissions, authors, reviewers and reviews.


Export all your conference data to Excel for offline analysis.

Complete platform for your event

Used by hundreds of scientific events Across the World

  • Register modalities and thematic areas to organize and categorize job submission
  • Set a submission schedule and stay calm, opening and closing submissions automatically
  • Limit the number of jobs per participant and set restrictions for submission
  • Storing files in the cloud and always available to organizers and participants
  • Participants receive email notifications and track progress of evaluations
  • Free the system for the participants to carry out the revisions at work
  • We used the double-blind peer evaluation, according to research is the fairest form of evaluation
  • Track all indicators and make fact-based decisions
  • Let the evaluators choose their modalities and thematic areas
  • Automatic or manual distribution of jobs according to mode, subject area and
  • Define how many opinions are needed to approve a job.
  • Conflict of interest check during evaluation
  • Include and remove evaluators from each job to speed up the process
  • Divide results by email to all authors with just one click
  • Issuance of acceptance letters with your signature for approved papers
  • Generation of online emails with PDF
  • Organize the presentation of the works according to the available schedules
  • Make available all submitted files for your event in a simple way
  • Export your evaluation data, submissions and results to Excel